O/93 Speakers

With a new version of our 10 inch Paper cone woofer with phase plug and the same gently horn loaded 1 inch silk dome tweeter, the O/93 retains much of the clarity and tonality of the O/96 at a lower sensitivity in a lower priced speaker.

Frequency Response: 30Hz-31kHz
Sensitivity: 93 dB/W/M
Impedance: 10 ohms
Dimensions: 10″d x 15″w x 35.5″h

O/93 in custom Oak

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“I’ve heard it said, and concur, that DeVore’s O/93 sounds like ‘a state-of-the-art 1968 speaker, but with 21st century transparency and soundstage recreation’. This compact floorstander made me recall the bliss of 1970s AR-3As and large Advents, yet with dynamics, detail and scale unimaginable back then. Yet the O/93 isn’t about nostalgia. Rather, it merits the description ‘timeless’. I so badly want a pair…”
Ken Kessler, HiFi News

Using the O/93 is like side-stepping the whole studio system and sitting in front of the musicians.”
Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+ Magazine

My beloved DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93 loudspeakers perform at a level of excellence beyond what I ever dreamed possible.
Herb Reichert, Stereophile Editor’s Choice 2014

The DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93 is a virtuosos all-around musician, feeling like Herbert Von Karajan in the Orchestra Pit, Jimi Hendrix on stage or Lionel Hampton in the studio.
Fidelity Magazine, Germany

I’ve heard and liked DeVore Fidelity speakers before, but the new Orangutan 0/93 was different. Even when listening to mostly unfamiliar music I fell in love with the sound from the get-go. The Orangutan 0/93 brings out the best in all genres of music.
Steve Guttenberg, c/net