Founded in 2000, DeVORE Fidelity has become one of the most acclaimed High End Audio Companies in the world, and still builds every one of its speakers by hand in Brooklyn, New York. You will not find a more musically satisfying product.

Just a few of the awards and recognition DeVORE Fidelity has received

The founder and Top Banana of DeVORE Fidelity is John Devore. His mission continues to be the design and production of speakers that capture the excitement and life breath of music, through a combination of art and science. John shares some of his thoughts on music and HiFi on the DeVORE Fidelity YouTube channel, and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

gibbon Series

The gibbon series: Fidelity and flexibility

The gibbon series of speakers reaches back to include our first designs. Then as now, the gibbon speakers produce all the magic a great stereo speaker should, providing lucid detail, rich tonality, focused imaging, and enveloping soundstage in a very compact, room friendly, and beautiful package.


gibbon X
gibbon Super Nine

Orangutan Series

The Orangutan series: Highly sensitive speakers

With the Orangutan series of speakers we built upon the strengths of the gibbon speakers and increased sensitivity, efficiency, and impedance to allow an even broader selection of amplifiers to be used. If you have an interest in lower powered tube amps, you owe it to yourself to audition one of the Orangutan speakers.



O/Reference Speakers

A Four-Piece Speaker System representing the ultimate expression of the DeVore Fidelity Orangutan Series. Offering unprecedented flexibility and customization, the O/Reference can be installed in nearly any size room, and built to fit nearly any decor.