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"John DeVore has created a wonderful sounding small speaker." Gary Krakow for The

Frequency Response:
Finish Options:
8 ohms
15.25”H x 7.3125”W x 10.875"D
Cherry Bamboo, Mahogany Bamboo, Mink Bamboo
gibbon 88

gibbon 88

A dynamic and delicate floor-standing two-way. Full-range and transparent, very easy to drive and easy to integrate into any room.

Frequency Response:
Finish Options:
33Hz -40kHz
8 ohms
37"H x 8.5"W x 13.75"D (not including feet)
Cherry Bamboo, Mahogany Bamboo, Mink Bamboo
gibbon Super Nine

gibbon Super Nine

A 2.5-way design incorporating the revolutionary .75-inch textile tweeter first debuted in the gibbon X and two long-throw paper woofers in a compact but wide bandwidth, very high performance package.

.75-inch treated textile dome tweeter
Two 7-inch paper cone woofers
Paper in oil & film capacitors

Frequency Response:
Finish Options:
8 Ohms, 6 Ohms minimum
37"H x 8.5"W x 13.75"D (not including feet
Cherry Bamboo, Mahogany Bamboo, Mink Bamboo
gibbon X

gibbon X

An absolutely full-range and utterly transparent reference speaker for the gibbon series. Easy to drive and easy to place in any room. The gibbon X is a three-way system with a new 3/4 inch ultra-low-mass textile dome tweeter suspended in an inert chamber, a new 7 inch midrange driver with a phase-plug and inverted natural rubber surround in it’s own sealed enclosure and a pair of massive, long-throw 9 inch woofers in a tuned 4-chamber enclosure.

Frequency Response:
Finish Options:
8.5 Ohms (16 Ohms max, 7.3 Ohms min @ 26Hz)
44”H x 9”W x 17.5”D (not including feet)
Cherry Bamboo, Mahogany Bamboo, Mink Bamboo




With the Orangutan O/96 DeVORE FIDELITY brings it's award-winning blend of musicality and accuracy to a new speaker designed especially for low-powered tube amplifiers. 10" paper cone with a phase-plug powered by a motor adapted from our Silverback Reference drivers. 1" silk-dome tweeter with a powerful double-magnet motor system gently horn-loaded.

Frequency Response:
10 Ohms 8.75 Ohms minimum at 190 Hz
12"d x 18"w x 35.5"h (including stands)


With a new version of our 10 inch Paper cone woofer with phase plug and the same gently horn loaded 1 inch silk dome tweeter, the O/93 retains much of the clarity and tonality of the O/96 at a lower sensitivity in a lower priced speaker.

Frequency Response:
93 dB/W/M
10 ohms
10"d x 15"w x 35.5"h




"Colorful yet uncolored, the DeVore Orangutan O/96 is the loudspeaker many of us have been waiting for. …The O/96 is here to stay—as both a commercial product and as a well-loved part of my playback system." Art Dudley, Stereophile Magazine
"The Orangutan is a great looking and immensely enjoyable loudspeaker that's a gift to the tube amp lover, it can turn a handful of Watts into a living, breathing musical experience that you will be hard pressed to turn off. That is what living is all about." Jason Kennedy, The Ear Magazine
"The sound I got out of these gorgeously put-together boxes was shockingly deep and stunningly refined — I bought the demos immediately as I couldn't bear to let them out of my house." Scott Hull, Part Time Audiophile, Best of 2013
"If you listen in the dark or with your eyes closed, with the right recordings you may think and feel the music is coming from musicians and not speakers. The sound is energizing, life-size, full of emotion, and just flows into the room. …There is no way a two way with a 10 inch woofer and a one inch tweeter should sound like these speakers. How do they sound so coherent, how do they sound so big, how do they sound so alive? I don't know, but I do love it even if I can't explain it." Jack Roberts, Dagogo Magazine
"The factor most responsible for reproducing the fundamental midrange frequencies at such high quality is an outstanding, almost-holographic dimensionally, which allows us to listen to our favorite jazz trio in the privacy of our listening room as though witnessing a private performance." Miguel Castro, HiFi Live Magazine, Spain


"My beloved DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93 loudspeakers perform at a level of excellence beyond what I ever dreamed possible." Herb Reichert, Stereophile Editor's Choice 2014
"I toss around a lot of adjectives in trying to adequately describe my listening experience with the DeVore Fidelity O/93s. A special speaker, one with richness, punch, finesse and clarity (there I go again); the O/93s ultimately produced a singular sound, a natural sense of wholeness that defies single words or strings of descriptors." Ken Micallef, Positive Feedback Magazine
"I've heard and liked DeVore Fidelity speakers before, but the new Orangutan 0/93 was different. Even when listening to mostly unfamiliar music I fell in love with the sound from the get-go. The Orangutan 0/93 brings out the best in all genres of music." Steve Guttenberg, c/net
"It's rare to see cabinetry this professional and this beautiful in any loudspeaker, even those selling for ridiculously high prices. More than most loudspeakers, the Orangutan O/93s brought me closer to live, especially with concert recordings, and even over the Internet. Other speakers sound, er, too tame in comparison." Sam Tellig, Stereophile Magazine


"The DeVore 'sound' is intoxicating and once you've experienced it, you'll never look at art or music the same way again." Dennis Russo, The Trades
"I went bananas over the bamboo, aesthetically and sonically. There's splendor in this grass." Sam Tellig, Stereophile Magazine
"Gibbon 3XL is an impressive sounding two-way standmount. The sound was unforced, with top-octave ease and space galore on the snare-drum rimshots. Cymbals in particula r had superbly natural texture and HF extension." John Atkinson,
"In conclusion the DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 3XL is an extraordinary speaker of refinement, power, projection, delicacy, nuance and detail." Ken Micallef,
"The sound was what I have come to expect from DeVore speakers: energetic, easy to listen to, detailed but without harshness, and with outstanding bass for a speaker of its size."
"The sound here was exceptionally good with outstanding detail, transparency and dynamics…all without the slightest hint of irritation."
"Stepping into the DeVore Fidelity room was like stepping back in time to the mid-1960's — at least visually. The sound was thoroughly modern and among the Best Rooms at the show."

gibbon 88

"Review equipment comes and goes. Some ends up back in the box and returns to the distributors with barely a ripple in the force, but other gear leaves a Death Star-sized hole when it leaves. The DeVore Gibbon 88s did exactly that. ...a very strong recommendation." Ashley Kramer, Witchdoctor, NZ
"Prett y much a full-range option that beats the bigger guys at ten times the price in terms of, well simply everything." Dave and Carol Clark, Positive Feedback
"After listening to the 88 for a while, I came to feel that it offered an uncanny combination of unforced natural warmth, very good levels of resolution, and stunning 3-D imaging/soundstaging—the latter a quality I consider one of the defining characteristics of DeVore's best designs." Chris Martens, AV Guide
"The new DeVores sounded wonderful" Art Dudley, Stereophile Magazine
"I sat down for a bit and heard a smooth, confident, and effortless sound, with imaging that didn't so much thrill as captivate, entrance, and allure. Easy on the eyes and the ears." Stephen Mejias, Stereophile Magazine
"The 88 is one smooooth, satisfying speaker. There's plenty of weight down low, with a rich, detailed bass, and the top end is satin-rich, without a single rough edge. The Gibbon 88 shoots a superb soundstage, with realistic, fleshed-out, full-sized images. I could listen to these speakers all day." Jason Thorpe, Soundstage
"To my eye, the look and design of the Gibbon 88 are sophisticated, and to my hand, the fit and finish are about as good as it gets. A super-spacious-sounding audiophile speaker with great bass that works especially well with tube amplification." Brent Butterworth, Sound And Vision

silverback REFERENCE

"The DeVore Fidelity Silverback Reference is one of the most enjoyable and highest-performing speakers I've reviewed." Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine March 2006
"The New Benchmark in Dynamic Loudspeakers," Silverbacks receive a "Blue Moon Award" on 6moons


(The Nines) had more drama and sheer humanity than I've ever heard from such an outwardly conventional loudspeaker" Art Dudley, Stereophile Magazine December 07
"...these were the most outstanding speakers I'd ever heard in my home. I'm not letting go of these handsome cherry wood boxes." Mike Quinn, JazzTimes February 2008
"When John DeVore delivered my speakers, he said "I'll bring the shipping boxes later." Don't bother John, I'm at the end of my speaker quest. The Nines won't be leaving and I got no room for empty boxes..." Ken Micallef, 6moons July 2007
"At the risk of sounding pretentious with such a lead-out, John DeVore isn't getting this pair back." Srajan Ebaen, 6moons July 2007
"...a superior grip on the music, an ability to really focus my attention into that magical space between the speakers, so that music is all that exists - an ultimate respect for the music." Stephen Mejias,

gibbon SUPER 8

The highest praise I can give these speakers is that the last four reviewers that had them kept them. You can make it five and add me to the list." Tone Audio
"The DeVore Gibbon Super 8 redefines what one can expect from a compact and affordable package" Writers' Choice Awards for 2006, Super 8s on Positive Feedback Online
"Best of 2006" Super 8s on 6moons
"I must say that I enjoyed these loudspeakers more than just about anything I have reviewed in the past decade" "They establish a new benchmark in the under $7500 price category" Best of 2006, Enjoy The Music
"This is a unique speaker that will fit in standard sized rooms, and with the right amplification, presents music in a way that is very difficult to stop listening to" "Best speaker of 2006" Home Theater Israel
"Best of 2005" Super 8s on 6moons
"Not just recommended, but if you love music they are mandatory listening." gibbon Super 8s on Enjoy The Music
"The Gibbons make the making of music their highest priority. They are so successful at it that listening to music through them cuts to your soul." gibbon Super 8s on Positive Feedback
"DeVore Gibbon Super 8s perform princely feats at near-pauper prices." Jazz Times gibbon Super 8 review
"This is a speaker that should not be missed" Home Theater Israel

gibbon 8

"The most amazing loudspeakers I had heard in many years." MSNBC
"Blue Moon Award" gibbon 8s on 6moons

gibbon 7.1

"The 7.1s left me dumbstruck" "Highly recommended" gibbon 7.1s on 6moons
"DeVore Fidelity speakers sound the way high-definition TV looks: exquisitely detailed, palpably textured, boldly three-dimensional." Robb Report/Home Entertainment

gibbon 3

"I was hearing something that many state-of-the-art components miss nowadays - that vital sense of flow, as though the entire musical experience just poured out uninhibited into your listening area." "Highly Recommended" gibbon 3s on 6moons


Our goal at DeVORE FIDELITY is to create products that communicate the life-breath of music. We believe that the best means to this end combines the art of aesthetics with the science of physics in such a way that each complements the other, and together yield a product far greater than the sum of its parts.

Founded by president and chief designer John DeVore in 2000, DeVORE FIDELITY has gone on to receive universal acclaim for every one if its products, and John continues to push the state of the art in speaker design. John brought his 30 years of experience as a musician, 20 years of designing speakers and 18 years of Hi-Fi industry experience to his company, and, as the Stereophile Newsletter put it in 2005, "DeVore Fidelity is a young company, but at Home Entertainment Shows and CESes over the last half decade, its products have pulled down critical kudos and consumer raves that more established companies would kill for."

John DeVore:
When I first came to New York, at the end of the 80s, I was a musician who also worked as a high-end audio salesman. During that time I realized that so many components that measure well and sound impressive at first, disappoint the listener in the long run because they fail to convey those ephemeral and fragile elements of music through which the artists express their intent. Although such qualities are difficult to describe, they are instantly recognizable when heard. For example, it's easy to fool the ear into perceiving a stereo image between a pair of speakers, but to go beyond that and convince the heart and mind that a living, breathing soloist or ensemble occupies the space between those speakers represents the ultimate challenge to the high-end audio designer. The quest to recreate these delicate emotional and visceral subtleties of music - qualities I felt were missing from most playback equipment - ultimately led me to start DeVORE FIDELITY.

I was into hi-fi as early as 6th grade--I was fascinated by the idea of recreating musical performances in my room anytime I wished. By the time I went to college, I had begun to understand that you could get really good sound out of a stereo system. I started spending some time in hi-fi shops where I came to two realizations: 1) I could never afford the stuff that came close to sounding like live, and 2) that even the stuff that came close didn't come that close.

I built my first pair of speakers back in the mid-80's when I was still an undergrad at the Rhode Island School Of Design. Over the course of a decade of hobbyist experimentation, I began to zero in on those design elements that allowed my playback system to communicate more than just the notes of a performance. I come from a family of musicians. I grew up listening to live chamber music in my own house, and what I've always found most lacking in recorded music playback is the emotional content. I know playback will never approach the live experience, but it became my goal to create audio equipment that brought the listener into the listening experience, and then held their interest there like a live performance.

In 1995, I built a speaker that encapsulated all the work that had come before it. It was a small two-way, but it was the first design to use a new crossover circuit that I had been evolving along with new approaches to cabinet and driver integration. Everything was designed together, as a whole, with each element complimenting the others. I recognized immediately that it was something quite different from all of the speakers I had previously heard. That was the original Gibbon speaker, and that same holistic gibbon design methodology is at the heart of every speaker I've designed since. The concept of harmony is very important to me. Not just in Hi-Fi but as a world view. I guess that influences my approach to design.

I believe that for every problem there is one sublime solution that encompasses both outward and inward perfection. Pursuing designs that embody both engineering and artistic integrity holds the most reward for me. A perfect design is not one where form follows function, but rather one where form and function are developed as equals to form a unified whole. Understanding all the design elements of an audio component and balancing these in a way that extracts the optimal contribution of each is the key to creating a design that conveys the true emotional content of a recorded musical performance. It is my belief that DeVORE FIDELITY speakers have the ability to involve the listener in his or her music collection more intimately than any other similarly priced products. For those select listeners capable of discerning the differences between Hi-Fi and reality, I am proud to offer the Silverback and Gibbon series loudspeakers: nothing can bring you closer to the music.

John DeVore
President and chief designer



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